Finnish Blues Awards 2017 - News in English



- Lifetime Achievement Award to Pepe Ahlqvist


From left to right: Olavi Rytkönen, Lauri Ankerman, Esa Kuloniemi, Micke Björklöf, Petri Matero, Davide Floreno, Lena Lindroos, Matti Kettunen, Ykä Putkinen, Jupe Litmanen, Emilia Sisco, Miikka Porkka (Puistoblues)

Finnish blues community rewarded distinguished blues musicians last Saturday, 14th January 2016, at Virgin Oil Co. in Helsinki. The Gala took place for the third time.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Pepe Ahlqvist

Artist of the Year: Lena & The Slide Brothers 

Newcomer of the Year: Emilia Sisco

Song of the Year: Lena & The Slide Brothers – The Road You’re On

Event of the Year: Puistoblues festival 

Newcomer of the year Emilia Sisco was surprised at her award: “What a great feeling! Somehow I never thought that I would be rewarded. I am so glad and motivated to carry on with my thing. I am also so grateful to everybody for having been with me. This is a great achievement for me, and it is just the beginning!”

Lena Lindroos and Matti Kettunen of Lena & The Slide Brothers are happy to get this kind of attention: “It feels really good to receive such acknowledgement from colleagues and the blues community. Regard for the song is heartwarming, especially when there was so much good blues and roots music made in Finland last year.”

The gala included performances by several artists and groups, such as Ben Granfelt Band, Dr. Helander & Third Ward, Erja Lyytinen and Ina Forsman, both of the latter being previously awarded at the FBA Gala: Erja as Artist of the Year in 2015 and Ina as Newcomer of the Year in 2014. Furthermore, the Gala was preceded by a fair for musical instruments presenting Finnish amplifier and equipment builders. 

The event was produced by Bluesland Productions Oy. 

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