Another great review - Hookrock 2023 -

10.07.2023 wrote like this:

The Finnish Lena Lindroos and her Slide Brothers continue to float on this positive vibe. They have also won some awards in their country and in 2016 they were at the European Blues Challenge. These prize beasts turn out to be a true discovery. Lena is a wonderful bass player who carries the whole band. Her singing is flawless and her English pronunciation is near perfect, which is very rare for someone from Scandinavia – think of Risager's lousy Viking English. Lena brings a very varied set. At first it is a bit psychedelic. We hear fine rockabilly in 'Cool Little Girl' and a refined version of Blind Willie Johnson's 'Ain't Nobody's Fault But Mine'. Those slide brothers live up to their name. Splendid blues funk is there with 'Ain't Doin' Too Bad' (known from James Cotton) and at the end of the set the own song 'Eldorado' is a captivating boogie. Several times we hear well-thought-out unison parts with guitar and bass. Can we be honest? This band brings the flashiest guitar work we heard this weekend. They have their own face, their own sound and their own identity. We don't know from which buttonhole the Hookrock programmer conjured up Lena & The Slide Brothers. We do know that we would very much like to see them again at our festivals!

10.07.2023Another great review - Hookrock 2023 -
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