Super Review -, Hookrock Festival, Belgium 1.7.2023

07.07.2023 wrote like this about Lena & The Slide Brothers- performance at the Hookrock festival, Diepenbeek, Belgium:

"I don't know under what rock the organization found this talented band, but for me this was THE discovery of the weekend. Steaming, energetic and all the ingredients to make it a great evening.

Good musicians and a singer with some strong vocal cords. It could be heard from the beginning with 'Yesterday's Gone' (Old Dog) and 'Elevator Man'. Solid portion of slide, from both guitarists by the way. And it went crecendo with 'Your Kind Of Woman', 'Walking Blues', Mississippi Fred Mcdowell's 'You Got To Move' (very nice version by the way) and then slow with '292' and 'Drink Muddy Water' that it speed back up.

Not a single dead moment and my mouth was open in surprise. Towards the end two more bangers with 'I'm Moving On' (Eldorado) and 'Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean', song that became a hit in 1952 by Ruth Brown.

This was a finger licking good performance. It is now up to the organizers to bring this band here a little more. They have everything it takes to make it a great evening. Don't hesitate and book that bite!"

(Google- translation from dutch to english)

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