Blues Matters Magazine (UK) Review - The Road


Blues Matters Magazine (UK) reviewed The Road in their October-November 2016 issue #92. We are honored.




This is a four-piece band from Helsinki Finland and this their third release has style. As their name implies there are two well tuned slide guitarists Matti Kettunen and Yka Putkinen who mix it up well with guts and passion. Add this mix to the soulful and country styled front women and singer Lena Lindroos this certainly is one tight band of musicians. Starting up with The Road You’re On this eases in with mellow notes and soft vocals and builds up to a crescendo, bit of a crowd pleaser with catchy chorus. Rolleen is a steady rolling tune laid back riffs. Elevator Man slinks along with sultry vocals and fine drumming by Juha Litmanen. A very easy listening release, it is rocked up with jump jive feel to Cool Little Girl and superb slide guitaring throughout none more so than on High Maintenance Man a highlight track again showing off fine vocals and well rounded lyrics. Georgia Lee is a down south riff sassy and bold this one and very catchy. Silver Moon maintains the overall laid back steady rolling feel and more opportunities for the slide guitarists to show off their undoubted professional musicianship. The release finishes off with the toe tapping Now I’m Gone. Although this feels like you’ve heard it all before there is a big future for this band and certainly playing live they are a force to be reckoned with. A consummate back to basics release. (Colin Campbell)



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