"Cool little girl" from "The Road"

"The road you're on" from the album "The Road"

"Down" from the album "Shine Your Light" (2013)

"Give Us A Try" from the album "Shine Your Light" (2013)

Shine Your Light - Album Teaser (2013)

"Free Riding Man" (Official Video)

from the album "Turn it on"(2010). Directed by Petri Kotwica ,

photographed by Harri Räty and edited by Kimmo Taavila.

Järvenpää, Puistoblues 30.6.2011 LIVE

"I just want to make love to you", "Old dog", etc.

Helsinki, Club Liberté 13.8.2010 LIVE

"Mama, he treats your daughter mean"

A Slideshow with pictures taken at Club Liberté by Pia R.

"Hurricane in your eyes" (Turn it on 2010)

A slideshow with pictures from festival gigs.

"We got the fire burning" (Turn it on 2010)

"Me and my chauffeur blues" by Lena & The Slidebrother Duo